lunes, 23 de febrero de 2009

Beauty Lissa

Beauty Lissa on my Puelo Dreams
a smile waits on your face for me
you are here but about to leave
I can hear you but I can't speak
Puedo verte pero no creer en ti
sin pensar que mis ojos
no hacen mas que mentir....

Bonita Lissa unas sonrisas de noche
y un truco perdido, bastaron,
¡Musa perdida! El destino,
te encuentra a las orillas de un lago...

I just have some few of your moments
but there're enough for me
suficientes para mí...
Now that light you shine
when you talk, when you smile,
is making a shadow on my life
like if the sun where gone, that shiny sun,
the darkness of sky far from you
doesn't let me anything but the stars,
the alone starts, hesitating the same
Is it possile such a big hole inside,
as the one I feel
when I miss you, Lissa-dream?

So far from the sea, down in the world
I found you as an oasis finds a desert below
I shall go on now with the taste of a water
I'll never drink again

Beauty Lissa with double S
one is for sweet, one for strange
'cause I tasted you and want more,
'cause it seems you deny the certain to be,
it might be true
there is not you
It may be possible I'd love to think
there's a perfect soul around the world
with the same bad memory and the same funny nose
who loves the freedom as I love being free

Por eso dulce Lissa que todo lo desafías
dime tú si te escondes en la mentira
de un hombre que te encuentra en su utopía
or tell me if you're real
and however let me know
how I let you go